This dialog can be opened by pressing the -preferences- item. For Windows this item is located in the -Options- main menu item. While this dialog is being shown the rest of the application cannot be accessed.

Color scale

Color coding scales are used to visualize surface functions in the heart view and thorax view. The used color scale can be adjusted for three types of functions:

  • timing, used when visualizing depolarization, repolarization and ARI on the heart,
  • potential, used when visualizing heart contribution and potential field on the heart and all surface functions in the thorax and the
  • TMP, used when visualizing amplitude, resting potential and TMP on the heart.


The graphics in the leads and TMP view can be shown with, by selecting this option, or without, by deselect the option, a grid.
The grid is only being shown if the size of the view is not too small. If the leads and TMP view are sized too small the grid is automatically disabled to reappear again when the view is made bigger again.

Thorax / heart settings

1) Thorax isofunction lines. If checked, only iso function lines are used to draw the potential maps and sensitivity map, otherwise a complete colormap is used (see thorax pane).
When only the iso function lines are being used to draw, the lungs and the heart are still visible in the semi transparent thorax geometry.
2) Arc ball rotation. We are still working on this feature. It will become available as soon as possible!

TMP handlers

For the TMP view two specific options are available:

1) Combine the resting potential and amplitude handler, i.e. lifting the resting potenial will reduce the upstroke amplitude. If not checked both the amplitude handler and the resting potential handler are visible.
2) When shifting the depolarization time the repolarization time shifts with it or not (keep constant APD)