ECGSIM is being actively developed resulting in new versions being published on www.ecgsim.org. New versions can be downloaded and installed manually. Removing previous installation is not needed.
Apart from manually checking and installing, there are two automated ways to check for updates and retrieve them.

Check for updates

You can check for updates from within the ECGSIM application. This is done by pressing the -check for updates- menu item. For Windows this item is located in the -Help- main menu item. For OS X it is located in the -application- menu.

When you check for updates, status messages will be shown in the bottom-left corner of the application window for approximately 20 seconds.

Possible message are:

If an update is found the following messagebox will popup.

If <Yes> is pressed the update process will be started. Part of the process is that ECGSIM will be closed. To perform the update follow the steps of the update process.

ECGSIM update

Part of the ECGSIM package comes an extra standalone application that can be used to check for an update.

When starting the application you are guided through the update process.

The application will check for an update from the ECGSIM website. If an update is found it can be downloaded from one of the downloadlocation specified (if more then one).
If the download is completed the installer will start automatically.